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talkeded to law enforcement moments ago. they don't believe there is a second gunman any where. people like the henry's left their bags. >> my id is in there. everything is back at the screening. and we just want to know if it is okay. >> one of the byproducts of you leaving it there now the bomb squad has to go through the entire terminal and make sure those bags are clear. >> you said you were happy to get out alive. >> everything that is in our bags is replaceable. >> like you said, scary moments. >> his dad and mom are with us. and we have been separated from them and his dad has health issues with his heart and we were scared for him because we don't want anything to happen to him and we have been informed that they are safely out of the airport and safe and we want to reconnect with them. >> you might see people walking behind us. i talked to some people who ran into restaurants and i talked to tsa agents. they said they thought the shots were coming from downstairs. >> they were like at the base of the escalateters. so yes, there were no shots. once we left, they may have came up the
understood how this law worked knew that statement was not right. but he had to make that assurance to undermine the opposition. and they barely got the thing through even with him out there with the delivered deception over and over again. >> one other quick thing in this new book that's come out, "double down," says after that first debate performance where the president was in denver and blamed it on the high altitude. he apparently said, i don't know if i can do this again. his aides said, you sound too much like a legal scholar. let's make it more simple so the american people understand you. is that correct for a president to oversimplify? is that a disservice to the american public to live in ignorantville? or is that a really great way to campaign? >> unfortunately, it's a great way to campaign. i wish it were different. but the standard is, are you telling the truth or not? and on health care he wasn't. and also, do you have an agenda or not. and one amazing thing about this book, it shows how the president himself was uncomfortable with the fact he had no second term agend
. nobody under 21 can carry concealed. we've also got the federal law. the federal free gun zone law that says no school -- no guns in the school district. but every state kind of crafts its own law. what oregon has done now here, if you carry concealed and you've got a permit for it and you are a teacher, you may be able to carry that gun -- sorry. if you are a parent you may be able to carry that gun on to the school faculty. that's really frightening. you could have, for example, a parent upset with a teacher and brings a gun in. if they're over 21 and they've got the concealed permit. and they go further than that. what they're trying to do in this one district is say not just parents, but teachers as well. >> teachers, apparently it's st. he helens, oregon. seven schools will allow the adults. the flip side of the argument, lis, is that had teachers been armed in some of these other situations that we've had, newtown, connecticut, for example, maybe they could have acted quicker and killed the person who was coming into the school. >> that's definitely the flip side of the argum
controversial law. and the debacle she just took responsibility for. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle? >> well, excuse me congresswoman, she is not responsible for it hold me accountable for it. i'm responsible. >> republican senator rand paul from kentucky is going to react moment as way. but fifth, we are first we are go to brett bayer. the president is going to promote the success of the massachusetts program on which the act was based. no hard numbers have been released. >> i'm not asking whether they came in and said they were 65 and were quoting something and said they were 27 years old. that should be a pretty reliable number. >> the system isn't functioning so we are not getting that reliable data. >> i don't know it is kind of convenient that the system not functioning is that the administration doesn't have to give us the numbers because the system isn't functioning. >> it is interesting that question is so hard for the administration and for secretary sebelius and for the administrator of cms yesterday. they can't get accurate data of the number of people
the plans they have don't provide the minimum coverage required by the new health care law. they have until december 15th only to choose a new plan. but oregon runs its own state online exchange, and that is also plagued with glitches, so people can't even find out what their options might be. in fact, until this day, oregon hasn't enrolled one single person. our nations leaders promising to investigate after revelations that the feds have been spying on world leaders for years. so what's at stake for america's reputation and your own personal privacy? >>> and one in six americans now get food stamps. what's behind the first ever across-the-board cut to the program. >>> and you've got to listen to this story if you fly. airline passengers, power up? how soon you could be allowed to use your tablet during takeoff and landing! you might never have to turn it off! do you follow the rules as they stand now? am i the only one? ♪ the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of other
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5